How to have a 12 hour adventure

I was really lucky this Easter and had the whole 4 days off. No work for the whole of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I woke up Thursday morning with a virus. Head cold, snot, ear ache and generally lack of energy….Thank you body!  don’t deal with being ‘ill’ very well, I really hate the idea of lying in bed ‘recovering’ instead of getting out and about doing fun things, ESPECIALLY when I have just been given 4 days off work. I HATE that feeling so much I promised myself regardless of how I was feeling I would put in the effort and go ahead with a camping trip as originally planned. Now, I couldn’t commit to multi location camping spots, coastal path runs and long wild swims in this state but I knew I could tick off  the main boxes that a camping trip has to tick for me . Things like being in the fresh air and discovering somewhere new, all very do-able even when feeling shit!

This 12 hour micro-adventure really satisfied my need for a bit of adventure during my time off and I literally slipped it in the middle of my weekend. I wanted to do this post so you could see how to fit an adventure in only 12 hours! Here’s a few tips on how  to cram in all the cool stuff!

1: Find a top location to watch a sunset en route to your camping spot. This ticks a few boxes for me. You get to watch the sunset (which I never ever ever get bored of ) and you break up your journey starting the adventure a little earlier! bh01 bh02

We spotted this beauty of a sunset on our way to St.Mawes so pulled over, sat on the gate and enjoyed the view with a beer we bought from the garage earlier!

2: Get a take-away – BBQ’s are amazing, I live off them around 4 times a week during the summer but lets face it they are not always quick and easy, especially when  you have to buy all the coals, burgers and condiments, then realise you have forgotten the lighter at camp so you have to go and pick one up from the closest store to your ‘secret beach’ miles from anywhere. So, when you don’t have the time go grab a cheeky take-away and enjoy it somewhere with a view or back at your tent. bh03


I was not up to the task of starting bbq’s in the dark and lugging our usual 3 full sainsbury’s bags to the beach so Fish n Chips in the charming fishing village St.Mawes by twilight seemed like a perfect solution.

3. Pick an easy to reach camping spot – I love going on a mini kayak journey or a rock ramble to find a secluded camping spot but sometimes the time schedule, unforeseen weather (or being ill) doesn’t allow it. So if you are strapped for time pick somewhere that easy to walk to with your kit. 11102620_10152886469363867_482953017412545529_n

We’d camped at this secluded beach spot for valentines day this year, it’s a 3minute walk from a National Trust car park and has a beauty of a sunrise view. Not having to plan or trek to find a new spot meant we saved time and energy and could focus on the actual camping. Bingo!

4. Discover some place new! – For me this is what makes an adventure bei ti camping, running, swimming or kayaking. I get bored fairly easy and have constant itchy feet for experiencing somewhere new. We camp in a lot of the same spots over and over again because we’ve found some perfect locations but also because sometimes its just easier!
But when we do this I like to try and link in a new discovery through exploring a little too. We are very lucky to have some stunning beaches on our doorstep and these are our usual camping spots but you don’t need a beach for great views. Alastair Humphrey’s has found some epic spots camping on a hill!


After out night of camping at a familiar beach we went for an early morning walk to see Antony’s Head Lighthouse and stumbled across this hidden beach which is now on our list of places to camp this summer! And there you have it, some easy tips for making the most out of a short amount of time!  Where would you go for a 12 hour adventure?

Cellar Cove – 11/05/2014

Cellar Cove was one of our first ‘secret cove’ discoveries and marked the start of a summer of wild swimming and exploring Cornwall’s hidden beaches. The mini ‘adventure’ on the South Coast involved a long walk over the cliffs, through recently blossomed spring flowers until we reached a length of rope leading through an Alice in Wonderland style covering. The discovery at the bottom I will always remember, although many people , I expect, have been here before and will go here again I had a smug sense of achievement as we descended down the little rope lader onto a truly Cornish secluded cove. As if we had pioneered a new land we set up base on the chalky sand, swam to a neighbouring cove just as charming as the first and swam back again looking up at the cliffs we’d climbed down. Needless to say on the drive home we were already planning the next wild swimming adventure!





Meet Candy & Ben

Candy & Ben live and breathe the outdoors, spending every out-of-work hour in the sea, discovering Cornwall’s hidden beaches or searching for wild camping spots with the best sunrise view. Here’s a little bit about the founders of  Into the Wild Swim & Wild Swim Newquay


Candy: Candy grew up swimming and competed for Wales at a young age. After discovering her passion for Surfing she moved to Cornwall and began surfing & sea swimming at every opportunity. Happiest when drinking coffee on the beach at sunrise and naked wild swimming at sunset.


Ben: Ben has been living in Cornwall since a young age and through surfing, lifeguarding and a love for the outdoors lifestyle became a strong waterman. Ben enjoys adventuring and a post-swim pint. Despite how much time he spends in open-water Ben is not afraid to admit that he’s scared of sea monsters.

A night in ‘The Snug’

We have just returned from 24 hours at our favourite south coast camping and wild swimming spot in nearby Portscatho. It’s only a 40minute drive from our house in Newquay on the north coast but thankfully its contrasting coastline feels a world away. The northerly wind was whipping up the sea into an uninviting vista on the north coast but when we reached the sunny south coast Portscatho looked almost Mediterranean. We’re big fans of camping (both wild and non-wild) but craving something a little different this weekend we decided to ‘check in’ to this cute construction for the night. ‘The Snug’ is built from renewable resources and is off-grip eco camping. Set in a quiet corner of Treloan campsite its a short walk to the secret beaches below it and 5minutes from the pubs of Portscatho;
it also happens to be one of the best settings for a sunrise coffee!

snug01 snug02 snug03 snug05 snug06

and the campsite scenery I hear you say?

How about this?
How about this?

If you want to get cosy in ‘The Snug’ check out their website and call or e-mail to book this awesome posh shed for the night!

Its the weekend!

We’re getting excited about this weekend and counting down the hours until the adventure begins! If you want your own wild adventure this weekend but are stuck for ideas heres a few below…

Maybe wild camping next to a stream in Dartmoor?
Maybe wild camping next to a stream in Dartmoor?
Secret beach searching?
Secret beach searching?
A  challenging wild sea swim?
A challenging wild sea swim?
Waking up in time for sunrise?
Waking up in time for sunrise?

Let us know how you get on!